Le Crêperie Bretonne - Paris, France

56 Rue Montparnasse, 75014 Paris
Tel. 01 43 20 89 58

If you're ever in Paris and craving crepes, Rue Montparnasse must have the highest concentration of creperies on one small street that I have ever seen. They should just change the name to Rue Crêperie. Since we weren't staying too far from this area and wanted some proper crêpes and not the pre-made ones we decided to give Le Crêperie Bretonne a try.

As you walk along the street you can take a peek and see the master crêpe makers at work. Not sure if the French sailor shirt is a uniform there or not but adds to the authenticity of the place, at least from a wardrobe standpoint.

No fat free margarine substitutes are used here. This is the real deal right here and they don't skimp on it either. 

Tight seating is the norm in Paris. During lunch, we saw many business people ordering their savory crêpes and sweet ones for dessert.

Crêpes are made with blé noir, buckwheat flour, although buckwheat crêpes are generally called galettes rather than crêpes. We decided to order the galettes for a lunchtime snack.

Check out the nice little pad of melted butter that is added.

Peeling back the layers of the gallete revealed slices of tomatoes and jambon with goat cheese. I am no galette or crêpe expert but these were nicely crisped throughout, especially on the sides.

The second galette that we ordered was the either a merguez or a chorizo filled galette with cheese. I preferred this more savory and amped up flavor galette to the fresher and slightly healthier previous one.

If you are in the Montparnasse and craving a crêpe, Rue Montparnasse is definitely the place to be. Now to decided which one you are going to eat at is up to you. Bon Apetit!


myminimocs said...

lovely absolutely lovely! i love the slender frenchman in the sailor tee making the crepes using all that fresh melty butter! what an irony! i must ask, and i hope it doesn't turn out to be a silly question, but as my beloved Daddy always told me the only silly question is the one you don't ask. so please what is "jambon" i see the tomato & goat cheese but it almost looks like there is a thinly sliced meat there too wondering if you could get a bit more specific for me.

Au Revoir :)

TNT Adventures said...

myminimocs - Glad you enjoyed the post. Jambon is the French word for ham. You had it absolutely correct about the thinly sliced meat.

Au Revoir and bon appetit!