Maison Kayser - Paris, France

8 Rue Monge
75005 Paris, France
01 44 07 01 42

After riding the Parisian streets on the Velib bikes, we stopped by Eric Kayser's boulangerie to pick up some pastries.  It is quite different from the small mom-and-pop boulangeries with its polished counters and modern decor. But nevertheless, they had a wonderful display of fresh baguettes and pastries, and their notoriety for great pastries and breads drew us in. 

We ordered the pain au chocolat, multigrain bread and broiche au sucre.  The multigrain bread may sound too healthy but it was actually very good.  Had the right crisp and enough savory flavor to it.

We asked what was their most popular item, and the girl said these mini financiers, which consisted of pistachio, chocolate and vanilla. They were definitely very good, not too sweet, but buttery and light. Had a nutty taste, a slight crisp on the bottoms, but very moist overall.  Plus, they were so easy to pop in my mouth that I lost track of how many I ate.

I wish I were living and working in Paris so that I could just come here in the mornings or during my lunch break.  I want to try everything,  but don't think I have room in my stomach for them during my one visit.  Maybe next time!


myminimocs said...

okay - i am know making myself a promise about your blog!!! i will not read one word or look at one YUMMY picture until i've eaten otherwise this just becomes masochistic!!! :) i enjoy every delicious post!

TNT Adventures said...

myminimocs - Love that you love our posts. I do the same thing with other food blogs... drool....

mj said...

Just browsing the internet and fell upon your blog :) I love your work. The foods looks delicious.

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