Moby Dick's (Cape Cod, Massachusets)

Route 6
Wellfleet, MA 02667
(508) 349-9797
mobydicksrestaurant.comNext door to the restaurant is Moby Dick's gift shop. Tourists can buy their t-shirts and if they then send in a photograph of them wearing the shirt, the restaurant will frame it and post it on the wall. So all over the restaurant, there are pictures of Paris, Arizona, Italy, Chicago, etc. with people posing with the Moby Dick's t-shirt.

I ordered just lobster and corn. I don't think my stomach could handle the clambake. I just learned that clams are called steamers here in Cape Cod. My 1.5 lb fresh lobstah with drawn butter and lemon wedge. Nothing but fresh, supple lobster meat. It also came with corn, but really, lobster is all I need.

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