Elliot's Oyster House (Seattle, Washington)

Pier 56
1201 Alaskan Way
Seattle, WA 981011

Apologies for the lack of posting these last few months. We just purchased our first home and it was quite a fixer upper. Most of our free time went into fixing this fixer upper up. Almost there. Still some more things to be done but it's getting there.

Thank you Lady G for reminding us that there are a few people that actually read our blog. We will try to update more regularly.

Any oyster lovers out there? If so, have we got a place for you!! Elliot's Oyster House has a progressive happy hour. What in the world is a progressive Happy Hour you ask? The prices get progressively more expensive as time goes on. Starting at 3:00, oysters are .50 cents and go up .25 cents each half hour. Guess what time we got there?? 3:00!! .50 cent oysters for us!

Every day they have a different oyster for happy hour. On the day we came, the oyster was the Hama Hamas. Pictured is the assortment of oysters that Elliot's has on any particular day.

Salt and vinegar housemade potato chips (2)
The chips were not bad. It was nice to have something to snack on in between oysters. Wish they were a bit more vinegar flavored.

Elliot's happy hour menu. Not only are oysters on the happy hour menu but there are some other selections as well. Can't comment on any other items on the menu. We were here for the oysters!

hama hama oysters (.50 per oyster)
The oysters were as expected - fresh, slightly briny, firm flesh, and delicious!

Elliot's Oyster House for happy hour is a must for any oyster lover looking for a steal of a deal. These oysters were cheaper than when we went to the oyster farm north of San Francisco. At .50 cents an oyster, you cannot pass this place up.


myminimocs said...

looks delicious but i'm not a huge oyster fan! i sure have missed your YUMMY posts! hope to see you again soon!

TNT Adventures said...

myminimocs - I am with you on the non oyster fan camp. It's the wife that loves them. Thanks for the comment and good to hear from you again!

Lady G said...

Yay! So glad to see you guys back in action. By the way, good luck on the new house, hope everything goes well. This post is really making me crave raw oysters, big time.

TNT Adventures said...

Lady G - Thank you for the good luck wishes. We will definitely try to post more often.

Rachel said...

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Steve Finnell said...

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