Il Laboratorio del Gelato (New York - Lower East Side)

95 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002
212 343 9922

Il laboratorio del gelato is dedicated to producing the very finest ice cream and sorbet. There are no seats inside and people are lined up at the ordering window, which opens to the kitchen where you can witness the chefs creating handmade frozen dessert with local and organic ingredients. The name Il Laboratorio suggests a "custom lab" where chefs are dressed in white lab coats to develop the unique flavors. The menu is extensive, ranging from the usual strawberry, chocolate, mocha, to very interesting ones such as olive oil, sambuca, and thai chili chocolate. But only a handful of flavors are featured on its rotating daily menu. You also won't know the flavors until you get to the window so be ready to decide quickly.

We got three flavors: Dark chocolate, Pear and Black Sesame. Definitely worthwhile. Every spoonful of the gelato was smooth and creamy, my tastebuds wanting more.
You will probably find a line here and no place to sit. We just sat on some steps of someone's home. But it's a great way to enjoy the gelato and take in the chic NYC neighborhood scene. The place is between Broome St and Delancey St, next to the NY Tenement Museum (watch out for the tours that might invade the lines at Il Laboratorio). And remember, it closes at 6pm!

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