Fox's Lobster House (York Beach, Maine)

Nubble Point
York Beach, Main

On our first stop in Maine, we ate lunch at Fox's Lobster House which specializes in fresh lobster. Here's the seafood shack that overlooks the ocean and the picturesque Nubble lighthouse. We were so lucky to have the 2nd level of the restaurant all to ourselves while peacefully enjoying the ocean and lighthouse views. Traveling pre-tourist season is awesome.
The restaurant's placemat gives instruction on how to attack the lobstah!My first Maine "quartah poundah" (1.25 lb = $18.95)... So hot and fresh! I didn't really need to dip the lobster meat in the drawn butter or squeeze a lemon. The lobster itself was already tasty and flavorful.
Nothing left...I left my modesty back home - I sucked out all the meat and juice from every little claw. (The lobster's liver turns green when cooked... That's why the juice is green).


Minnie said...

Interesting to know.

TNT said...

Thanks for the comment minnie. Have you been there before?