Four Peaks Brewery - Tempe, Arizona

1340 East 8th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281-4396

Housed in what was once an ice plant, creamery, and warehouse that was built originally built in 1892, Four Peaks Brewery is a favorite amongst ASU students and beer lovers. Our original plans when we arrived into Phoenix (thanks to Southwest $25 deal) was to go to the highly lauded Pizzeria Bianco. I was so looking forward to trying out the pizza here, but unfortunately there was a delay in our flight. By the time we arrived into Phoenix, we only had about 5 minutes to get to Pizzeria Bianco. The pizza gods were not smiling down on us. Like the good food itinerary planner that I am, I had a back up. Four Peaks Brewery here we come.

Pictured below is the inside of the restaurant with the exposed piping and ducts. This restaurant has ample seating in the outside and on the inside. As ample as the seating is, this place still gets packed.

Beer Sampler of 8 - 9 - Kiltlifter, 8th Street Pale Ale, Hefeweizen, Sunbru Kolsch Style Ale, Hop Knot IPA, Oatmeal Stout, Raj IPA, and Arizona Peach Ale

Not being much of a beer drinker, I actually found myself really enjoying this sampler of beers. Each beer was unique and distinct enough in flavor to distinguish from one another.

Brickhouse Wings - 8
After examining the menu while doing this write-up, I just realized that you can choose to have these wings flavored as buffalo, Oatmeal Stout BBQ, or Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce. Had I known, I probably would have sampled a few of each flavors. The wings were good, with a nice amount of meat and good buffalo, vinegary, spicy flavoring.

Spinach Artichoke Dip - 8.5
Creamy cheese blend with artichoke hearts, spinach, red peppers, and roasted garlic served with tri-color tortilla chips and grilled pita bread. I appreciated that they gave pita bread and chips to dip. Enjoyed this dip, but wasn't anything out the ordinary.

8th Street Ale Chicken Strips - 9
Strips of 8th Street Ale battered chicken breasts pieces served with beer battered fries. Take a look at the picture and marvel at the golden crispiness of these chicken strips. I may not be a gourmet food connoisseur or a connoisseur of many things, but I do claim to be a chicken strip connoisseur of all things. These were the best chicken strips I have ever had. Perfect amount of breading to meat ratio and the crisp of each strip was excellent. There was one strip left out of the two plates we ordered and we all eyed each other while we eyed this last chicken strip, as if to say go ahead see if you can snatch the last chicken strip before I do.

Also have to comment that the beer battered fries were excellent as well. The battering gave an extra crunch to these already crunchy spuds. 

Although I was disappointed in the fact that we weren't able to try out Pizzeria Bianco on this trip, things actually worked out in the end. We all really enjoyed all the food and beers that we had at Four Peaks Brewery and definitely would come back for some more beer sampling and those chicken strips.


Taste of Tempe said...

They do have the best chicken strips, definately my fav too!

TNT Adventures said...

Too bad Four Peaks Brewery doesn't have location in Orange County, CA. I would be all over them. Thanks for the comment.