Duryea's Lobster Shack (Montauk, New York)

65 Tuthill Rd
Montauk, NY 11954
(631) 668-2410

Our last stop on the "Barefoot Contessa tour" was Duryea's Lobster Shack at the East End of the Hamptons. With a peaceful view of Fort Pond Bay, we were spoiled with delicious seafood while watching a beautiful sunset. And we were very lucky to visit the Hamptons right before the busy summer season. We had the whole outdoor deck all to ourselves. Thanks to Ina Garten for the recommendations! Again, no one can go wrong with Ina!
Duryea's outdoor seating overlooking the bay...
Lobster Bisque - The first time I ate a lobster bisque was the Trader Joe's version, so I don't consider myself a lobster bisque connoisseur. After I sampled their clam chowder and loster bisque that one of the Russian workers gave us, I had to order a bowl of the steaming bisque. It had a cornucopia of flavors that included a creamy, buttery, smooth, and most importantly lobstery flavor. My one complaint was that the bisque was a tad on the salty side and that made finishing this soup a daunting task.
Lobster Rolls are also another popular dish here in these seaside towns. I had been reluctant to try these lobster rolls because I didn't want the bun and fillings to distract my taste of the lobster meat. But after several meals of only lobster, I was ready for a change. There isn't one traditional way to make a lobster roll. Some places make lobster roll with just lobster and a dollop of mayonnaise. Others use lobster, celery, and mix it all with mayo. Some toast the bun and some untoasted. This particular rendition include generous chunks of lobster, celery, mayonnaise, a toasted bun and a bit of dill.
Tony's non-seafood plate: Hamburger - The hamburger at this lobster shack was actually a tasty and flavorful version. This was quite a surprise, considering that this is a seafood shack. By the looks of the patty, it was most likely handmade. They didn't ask me how I wanted the patty cooked but when it arrived it was cooked medium. For some reason the hamburger doesn't have any accompaniments, so I had to ask the nice Russian ladies for some lettuce and tomato which they obligingly agreed to. The coleslaw was over seasoned and as a result not too much of it was eaten.A friend of ours ordered these mussels so I can't comment on this, but she seems to enjoy it. View from our table

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