Aziza (San Francisco)

5800 geary blvd @ 22nd ave
san francisco, ca 94121
phone: 415 752 2222
Chef Mourad Lahlou

We heard that Aziza is the best Moroccan food that San Francisco has to offer. Walking into this restaurant, I immediately felt the North African ambience with its candlelit rooms and alcoves, colored in midnight blue and earthly warm tones. The walls were lined with plush couches and pillows. The chef here uses organic and locally produced ingredients to create unique Moroccan cuisine. But before wetting our palates with Moroccan flavors, our server first brought out a pitcher of rose water for us to rinse our hands.

Lamb shank with barley and spiced prunes - Aziza's trademark dish. The tender meat was falling off the bone, accompanied by a sweet and vinegary sauce, soaked up by a side of barley.
Rabbit with paprika, carrots, parsnip, and dried cherries -I was a bit hesitant in ordering rabbit for the first time but I thought, "when will be the next time I will really try rabbit..." The meat was pretty tender and the taste and texture resembled chicken.
Goat cheese with tomato jam, pistachio and argan oil

We will probably visit Aziza again just to try the other interesting items on the menu. The restaurant is hip and inviting, but not at all pretentious. I hear the cocktails are delicious too! We met a local later on that day and casually asked him what restaurants he recommends. His first rec was....Aziza!