Lobster Shack at Two Lights (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)

25 Two Lights Road
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107

Thank goodness for our GPS to navigate us to the Lobster Shack. Nestled past the windy, tree-lined roads of Cape Elizabeth, we arrived at the coastline with one of the two lighthouses overlooking the waters. We walked up the steps to the Lobster Shack Restaurant and was amazed at the site....
I was so excited to be eating at these quaint picnic tables, eating my lobster, experiencing the breathtaking view, taking in the fresh East Coast ocean breeze, and watching the sunset as our dinner comes to an end.My second lobster meal in Maine. I can't get enough! It was quite a jump in prices from Fox's ($36 for 1.25 lb lobster with fries and cole slaw), but the outdoor seating and beautiful views were well worth it!!
The only disadvantage with eating outside in the chilly weather was that my warm lobster was getting cold...so I had to quickly devour my lobster to fully taste the warm, juicy lobster. We are satisfied for now!!! But still hungry for more lobster!

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