Cerveceria Cervantes - Madrid, Spain

Plaza Jesus, 7
28014 Madrid, Spain

Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot. 
Wouldn't you like to get away? 
Sometimes you want to go 
Where everybody knows your name 
and they're always glad you came!!

In case you haven't realized it yet, that was the theme song to Cheers. Nobody knew our names at Cerveceria Cervantes, not really sure they were glad we came either. But if I were a local, the Cheers theme song is probably how I would feel at the locals only spot. If you're looking to get a feel for where the locals go and hang, this is the place. Minus us that night of course....

With Spanish being spoken, smoke lingering in the air, and beers flowing from the tap, this is the place that Madrilenos go to linger after work and hang out on the weekends. 

Since we weren't sure of what to order because we didn't really do to much of our usual food research for Cerveceria Cervantes, we had to go with the tried and true "Look at other people tables method." Don't act like you've never done this either....

The table before us was snacking on an order of various types of terrines. Being a lover of pates, terrines, and foie, I had to get an order of this. The plate came out and it was a very large portion for a very reasonable price. Don't remember the exact assortment of the 4 different types but all were tasty. This could have easily been shared by 3 or 4 people.

Meat and bread. Can't go too wrong with that combo and my order was no exception to the rule. Simple and satisfying.

Also got an order of shrimps on a piece of sliced bread lathered with aioli. Loaded with a generous amount of these little shrimps, this dish was tad too salty.

Cerveceria Cervantes didn't have the best food on our trip but this place probably had one of the most authentic Madrileno dining/bar experience we had. Noisy restaurant, crowded seating, smoke everywhere, and limited English usually would be a recipe for a bad restaurant, but these just a few reason why this restaurant was enjoyable. Cheers to you Cerveceria Cervantes!


myminimocs said...

i knew that song right away! this place looks wonderful! it's great when you can see places that neighborhoods make their own...but yes it can make you feel a little like and outsider. glad you enjoyed it and look forward to your next entry!

TNT Adventures said...

myminimocs - Thanks again for the comment. Glad you knew the song...not of everyones decade. Hhaha

Are you planning a trip to Spain anytime soon or just interested in various blogs?

Ellie said...

I love your quotes, food is my passion and feeding people is just what I do. Your photos are great and the atmosphere looks so inviting and warm. Beautiful post :)

TNT Adventures said...

Ellie - Thank you so much for the awesome compliment. Checked out your site. Fellow Italian food lover here too!!