Babbo (New York - Greenwich)

110 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10011
(212) 614-6670
Chef: Mario Batali

It has been such a challenge to time our eating schedule in NYC since we had complied a long list of NYC's good eats from various Chowhounders and bloggers. At 5:45pm, we were not hungry at all, but were in the vicinity of Babbo. Since it was only 5:45pm and we didn't see many patrons waiting outside... we thought Babbo must be not be busy. So we we just strolled up and down the street, debating whether to eat then or wait til later.... We decided to eat anyway, just in case it might get busy..or so we thought... When we walked in, it didn't seem that crowded. Only the bar was filled up. But the host informed us that the wait would be at least 90 minutes AND we couldn't leave the restaurant. We have to stay INSIDE the restaurant, in the small space around the bar, for 90 minutes. Majority of the restaurant is reserved for those who made reservations 1 month ahead. (Reservation slots open up 30 days in advance and that even fills up quickly). For the rest of us walk-ins, there were only 6 tables available in the front of the restaurant. People can also sit about the bar. But if you have a party over 4, forget it. So we waited...(actually for only an hour)....but it was worth it!A complimentary chickpea bruschetta -
For our first antipasti, we ordered warm tripe alla parmigiana. As an antipasti, we expected this dish to be of a smaller portion. We were definitely surprised. It was huge! The tripe itself was wonderfully tender and delicate, not chewy at all. It just melted in my mouth....Loved it!
Pig foot "milanese" with rice beans and arugula. This was very good - crispy yet soft and tender in the inside.
For the primi, we ordered upon the waiter's recommendations, mint love letters with spicy lamb sausage. I could definitely taste the mint but it was not overwhelming. It was very interesting to taste mint as one of the main ingredients in pasta. Goose liver ravioli w/ balsamic vinegar and brown butter. This dish had more of a sweet, rich, bold kick to it. We didn't enjoy this ravioli as much as the balsamic vinegar was a bit overpowering.
We ordered grilled lamb chops "scottadita" w/ sunchokes, grilled onions and lemon yogurt. As they brought out this secondi dish, we were stuffed! The lemon yogurt was a nice, unexpected touch to the taste, complementing the grilled lamb.
Our complimentary petit fours...
This was our last NYC meal and I was immensely satisfied. So much thought, attention and preciseness went into these elegant dishes... I'm a huge Mario fan now!

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