Chez Chegrouni (Marrakech, Morocco)

Location: Northeast corner of the Djemma el Fna.

With our assortment of guidebooks in hand, we flipped through the books to see what wise nuggets of restaurant wisdom these guidebooks would suggest. Chez Chegrouni is often mentioned due to its excellent location. After making our way through the somewhat maze-like souks (shops that line the streets), we worked up our appetites.

Here is the view from the restaurant looking out into just one part of the Djemma el Fna.

Since we were in Morocco, we must do as Moroccans do and drink the Moroccan Whiskey. The tea is made with green tea leaves and mint leaves and stems and A LOT of SUGAR. Moroccans pour the tea by raising the teapot as high as possible, (like a few feet from the cup high) and pouring the tea into the little cups. This technique aerates the tea and in my opinion, looks pretty cool too.

Vegetable Couscous
Hmmmm...what to order??? Dilemmas, dilemmas???? Sarcasm if you didn't catch that. It isn't a tough decision when most restaurants only serve either couscous or tagine. The vegetables where cooked until super soft and the couscous was still fairly fluffy.

Chicken Tagine
Since we ordered the couscous, the only other option was tagine. The chicken tagine was served with onions, lemon, olives, and chicken. Everything in a tagine gets heavily cooked until completely braised. The lemon added a nice bit of flavor to this tagine.

With our bellies full and our bodies rested, we were ready to battle the blazing sun and do some more exploring.

As stated before, we are not that familiar with Moroccan cuisine and I am definitely no authority on it. Overall, we thought the food wasn't bad nor was it delicious. The prices at Chez Chegrouni are very reasonable as are the majority of restaurants in Marrakech. The location and the reasonable prices make this restaurant a popular one.


myminimocs said...

looks YUMMY! it's all about the atmosphere! and it looks like a wonderful adventure! how DO they pour that tea without it splashing everywhere?

TNT Adventures said...

Hi mmyminimocs - A wonderful adventure it was! I think a bit of splashing definitely allowed!