Range - San Francisco

842 Valencia Street (Mission District)
San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel.: 415.282.8283
Owners: Husband and Wife: Phil and Cameron West 

Range is located in the Mission District on a corner of a humble building across from a neighborhood park.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Nothing to distract one's attention from the carefully prepared seasonal dishes and lovely drink concoctions here at the one star Michelin restaurant.   

We made reservations for the first seating at 5:30 p.m. (so that we could have a second dinner around 9 or so at Flour + Water).  The place was empty, but it quickly filled up by 6 o' clock.
Known for their mixology, I ordered a Mr. White (9.50), which uses Pueblo Viejo Tequila and housemade strawberry-mint shrub with lime.  The drink was smooth, tasty, and not too sweet. Delicious and refreshing.

I ordered the marinated mussels with shaved fennel, lucques olives and cherry tomatoes (12.50).  This by far was the most heavenly.  There were so many layers of flavors and textures that went so well together.  The whole dish itself exuded lightness and freshness. The mussels were well cooked. The tomatoes were sweet. The dressing was sweet yet tangy at the same time.  I absolutely loved this amazing salad.  It was love at first bite.

Next, I ordered goat cheese and sorrel stuffed pasta with lime butter chives (13) 
You could really taste the citrus component of the lime - it added a nice brightness to the dish. Otherwise, it would have been too rich.  I had this as a main, but after eating the excellent fennel salad, this one was not at the same level. A bit disappointed, I craved the salad even more.

We then had the whiskey and brown sugar glazed pork ribs with a carrot salad (11.50)
The meat was very tender and was fall off the bone tender. The whiskey and brown sugar glaze was very good - not too sweet, just right.  It was nice having the carrot slaw as it tempered the sweetness and saltiness with its citrus element.  This dish was very well done.  I could definitely eat a whole rack of these ribs.  

Lastly, we had the pan roasted bavette steak with oven dried tomatoes, broccoli di ciccio, barley, and horseradish sauce (26). The steak was perfectly cooked medium rare.  I liked the horseradish sauce with the meat.  It was creamy and had a faint hint of the heat.  I didn't like the barley too much.  I don't think I'm much of a barley person.  It tastes a bit too healthy and bland for me.   The oven dried tomatoes added another flavor depth to the dish, but I don't remember too much of the broccoli.  Overall, this dish is very enjoyable.

When my husband made reservations, he mentioned our anniversary.  And at the end of our meal, they served as their complimentary dark chocolate squares with an anniversary candle.  Very sweet! 

This restaurant certainly earned its one Michelin star - thoughtful and delicious dishes as well as serving creative drinks.   The service also was impeccable and very attentive.  I would love to come back here and try other new dishes and see what the chef can create next. 


SinoSoul said...

Looks like you considered at the exact same set of restaurants in the Mission as I did last time. We skipped out of Range, went to Berette, found a 45 min line, went to Bar Tartine, followed by a late nite meal at F+W. Good times!

TNT said...

Great minds think alike. Yeah, definitely good times with the double dinners. By the way, really enjoyed your series on Blue Hill at Stone Barns.