Russ & Daughters (New York - Lower East Side)

179 E. Houston St.
New York, NY 10002
(212) 475-4880
(800) RUSS-229

We found a walking food excursion tour on Chowhound to try NYC's quintessential deli experiences. First on the list was Katz's. Second was Russ & Daughters which is a few doors down from Katz's. This deli specializes in smoked fish, cream cheese, and bagels. They also have pastries, chocolates, and many other appetizer goodies. The deli has no inside seating, but there are two benches in the front to enjoy their food.
I ordered the Scandinavian Grav Lox with Dill on an everything bagel with double-whipped cream cheese, red onions and tomatoes. Grav Lox is not smoked, but cured and coated in a delicate brine of salt, sugar and dill. The bagels are hand-rolled and boiled before baking in an old-fashioned revolving oven. Biting into this scrumptious bagel sandwich was amazing with all the right flavors infused together. The only setback for me was that the server had spread on two thick layers of cream cheese. Enough with the calories, but who's counting right...

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