Serious Pie (Seattle, Washington)

316 Virginia St.
Seattle, WA 98121

We couldn't leave Seattle and not try one of Tom Douglas's many well regarded restaurants. When mentioning the best pizza throughout the United States and best pizza in each state, Serious Pie is often mentioned amongst the contenders. With a name like Serious Pie, they better be serious about their pie. 

The inside of Serious Pie is separated into a lower dining area and an upper cooking area. The restaurant is actually a bit smaller than I thought it would be.

Yellowfoot chanterelles, truffle cheese (16)
Serious Pie's pies are more of a rectangular oval than a traditional pie shape. Being a lover of the distinct taste and smell of truffles, we ordered the yellowfoot chanterelles and truffle cheese pizza. The yellowfoot chanterelles gave the pizza an extra boost of earthy/umami flavor. It was kind of strange to see a pizza with slices of cheese as opposed to grated cheese on it. The crust on Serious Pie's pizzas are actually seriously good with a crunchy crust and great taste.

Close up shot of the pizza.

Sweet fennel sausage, roasted peppers, provolone (17)
I wanted to order a pizza that was more on the meatier side and the sweet fennel sausage pizza fit the bill. The sweet fennel sausage was delicious with an apparent but not an overwhelming taste of fennel. The roasted peppers added great flavor to the pizza.

Close up of the sweet fennel sausage pizza.

The ladies both enjoyed the truffle pizza while I preferred the sweet fennel sausage pizza. Man = meat = good. They were both delicious in my opinion...just preferred the sausage one more. 

Chocolate budino, sea salt, cinnamon-walnut cookie (8)
For dessert, we had to try out the budino (which is Italian for pudding). I loved the sweet and salty combination of the dessert. I really appreciated the addition of the extra virgin olive oil on top that added the delicious taste and aroma of the high quality olive oil. 

The cookies weren't half bad either but I was fine with just the budino itself. You aren't going to hear any complaints over here about some chocolate cookies though.

Serious pie is pretty serious about their pies and their food. I am serious when I say that the food was seriously delicious and I am can seriously recommend Serious Pie to anyone.


myminimocs said...

fabulous!!! i WANT some!!! so does my hubby! ;)

TNT Adventures said...

myminimocs - I want some now too. Craving it. You think they'll deliver to California and Michigan?

Lady G said...

I'm with you on the Sweet Fennel Pizza, these looks sooo good.

Lady G said...

I wished they would Fed-ex one of those to Malaysia, too.

TNT Adventures said...

Lady G - You are from Malaysia? I was actually born in Malaysia on the way to America from Vietnam.

Lady G said...

Oh, are you Vietnamese then? Yes, I'm from Sabah, Malaysia. :)

TNT Adventures said...

Lady G - Yes, I am Vietnamese. Technically half Vietnamese half Chinese. I would love to visit Malaysia ones of these days. I heard it was beautiful there.

Lady G said...

It has never occur to me that the writer behind this blog is Asian-Chinese, like me.

Malaysia, yeah, that's what everybody says. It depends what you want to see, really. We have some architecture like the Petronas Twin Tower, some rather nice mosques, historical sites... but what attracts tourist are probably our beaches and rain-forests. We do have some famous local dishes as well. But as a food blogger, you would know food better than I do.