Giangrossi Helado Artesanal - Madrid, Spain

Calle Cava Baja, 40

After a nice dinner and walk down Calle Cava Baja, we strolled on into Giangrossi for dessert.  Considered as one of Madrid's best ice cream, this place serves Argentinean-style ice cream as well as other food items and interesting cocktails.  With its plush white seating and clean decor, this is the more hipper ice cream places that we have been to.

There were so many interesting flavors to pick from so we ordered the Degustacion — a tasting of 5 flavors of your choice (6.5E). We didn't want the 5 flavors all at once so we asked to get them one by one so that the ice cream wouldn't melt.  The mini scoops on the mini cones were placed on a line of melted chocolate and powdered cocoa.
Mascarpone with Mixed Berries
The ice cream had the flavor of mascarpone and mixed berries but also had this strange almost slightly gritty texture to it. The gritty texture of the ice cream was not a good thing.

Don't recall what flavor this one was. I know... bad blogger.

Our final three flavors were strawberry, lemon, and ??? The strawberry and lemon were both good and neither had the gritty texture that the mascarpone had.

Just because we didn't think the ice cream was all that fantastic doesn't mean we couldn't finish it.

Flipping through a couple of magazines in our hotel room, I saw that Giangrossi was mentioned as one of the better ice cream places in Madrid. I liked the space and decor of Giangrossi but thought the ice cream was not up to par with the image. If you are looking for a cool place to have a drink, food, and ice cream, Giangrossi might be worth a stop. Just don't expect to be wowed by the ice cream.


myminimocs said...

sounds like they need to open a coldstone cremery over there! but it still looked yummy...it's all about the experience anyway isn't it? :)

TNT Adventures said...

Hi myminimocs! Yes Coldstone would have been an improvement over the gritty textured ice cream we had. Other than that a good experience.