Cream Pan - Tustin

602 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780
Hours: 7:00-4:00pm

I don't like giving something "THE BEST" mark unless it's REALLY...REALLY... good. But the strawberry croissants here are THE BEST. It's definitely a must order when you come here.

And you can't share it with anyone or just eat half and save it for later because by the time you think you might have just one more bite, it's already gone and you're licking your fingers or wiping the powdered sugar off your lips.

As you sink your teeth into the deliciousness, you'll hear the flaky, crispiness of the croissant and then you'll taste the silky custard with the sweet and tanginess of the fresh strawberries.

The other pastries are pretty good too, but the strawberry croissants really wow me. I've also tried their sandwiches and vegetable soup, which are both good.   

Come early because the croissants run out quickly. If we have a family get together, we make sure to order ahead in the morning, even if we're ordering just 4 of them.

Sigh..just writing this review makes me drool.

WARNING: Be careful when eating the strawberry croissants. I always somehow seem to inhale the powdered sugar, causing me to cough. So worth it though!!!

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